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Shell Beach Elementary Makerspace Update

Thank you to ALL our families who have been bringing in supplies to our makerspace!

We are almost ready to launch!

A special thanks to our major contributors:

The Gruwell/Sykes family

The Relyea family

The Gutierrez family

Keep bringing in the supplies you see on our list!

Our current top needs are: zip ties, PVC pipes, marbles, and electrical tape

Other ways to help:

Donate funds through the DonorsChoose website to help our makerspace get a Lego CORE kit (which combines LEGO bricks and robotics)! Follow the link below:

Donate directly to our makerspace school account- you can make checks out to Shell Beach Elementary and put “makerspace” in the memo.

Dear Shark Parents,

This school year Shell Beach Elementary will be creating a makerspace ​on campus for students.

What is a makerspace? A makerspace is an area that allows for creativity and innovation to occur so that students can engage in learning experiences that enable them to make real life connections. Makerspaces provide hands-on,creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering. Students will plan and carry-out investigations, build models, interpret and analyze data, communicate information, and many other things. We are very excited to bring this learning opportunity to our school!

In order to have a successful makerspace we will need many resources. These resources can be found on the back of this letter. Some of the resources are things that you might usually throw away and if cleaned we can reuse them. Other resources must be new for sanitation and functional reasons. We are asking that you look through the list of resources and start collecting things in your house that you may be able to donate.

We would greatly appreciate any items, big or small, that you can donate to our makerspace. Please label all donations “makerspace” and deliver them to the office.​ Please remember if you bring in a used item to clean it before bringing it to school.

Thank you for your support of our Shell Beach makerspace and our Sharks!

Thank you,

Shelby West, TOSA/Intervention/Lead makerspace facilitator



Thank you for considering bringing in supplies for our students. You can make a one time donation or a recurring donation of the following items:


Recycled-Reusable Resources

Other Resources

Additional Useful Supplies

Priority items:

● Toilet Paper Rolls

● Paper Towel Rolls

● Plastic Bottle Lids

● Egg Cartons

Other ideas:

● Brown lunch bags

● Strawberry baskets

● Small Boxes

● Tissue Boxes

● Wine Corks

● Bubble Wrap

● Buttons

● Pennies

● Water Bottles

● Aluminum Cans

● Milk Cartons

● Soup Cans

● Coffee Cans

● Spools

Priority items:

● Tape (All kinds)

● Hot glue guns and hot glue sticks

● Popsicle Sticks

● Coffee Filters

● Toothpicks

● Straws

● Mini Marshmallows

● Pasta Noodles

● Aluminum Foil

● Plastic Cups (All Sizes)

Baby wipes

Other ideas:

● Cleaning wipes

● Sponges

● Paper Towels

● Rubber Bands

● Paper Clips

● Push Pins

● Nuts, Bolts, Screws, & Washers

● Beans

● Wax Paper

● Plastic Wrap

● Cotton Balls

● Paper Bowls & Plates

● Ziplock Bags

● Foil Baking Tins

Priority items:

● Zip ties

● Playdough

● PVC Pipes

● Legos

● Toy Cars

● Marbles

Other ideas:

● Beads

● Batteries (All Sizes)

● Magnets

● Clay

● Wood Pieces or Blocks

● Wire

● Wax

● Brass fasteners

● Tubing

● Circuits

● Flooring & Carpet Samples

● Fabric Scraps

● Felt Pieces

● Yarn & String

● Pipe Cleaners

● Balloons